Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Went to Write To Speak last night - Hull's (and the region's!) monthly spoken word extravanganza organised by local legends Joe Hakim and Mike Watts. A good night, as they have all been to date, but a sense that I was watching someone really important in Kate Tempest, a scribe in the ancient tradition and, despite her sweet young girl looks, as punk and revolutionary as they come. The night was rounded off by Matt Panesh, who also goes by the moniker Monkey Poet, who gave us his Welcome To The Uk show. He was pleasantly filthy, although to compare him, "amongst others, to Lenny Bruce and Bill Hicks," is surely lazy reviewers at their worst. Anyway, towards the end he did a good little ditty about the art of Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst and the cow dung-happy work of Chris Ofili. Which, when Sam and myself headed to Hull's municipal arts gallery after seeing Up at the cinema today, made seeing Chris Ofili's Popcorn Shells all the more interesting. "It's about celebrity and musical heroes," I told Sam, as he tried to find the image of Michael Jackson tucked behind one of the big lumps of shit. "I still don't get the cow dung," he complained.

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