Monday, November 02, 2009

Alternative view...

I am writing this in someone else's house and I am looking out of their window at a view that is not my own. Actually, when I write at home there isn't a view at as I face a wall these days and natural light, what there is of it, is right down the other end of the room. So it's nice to work under natural light, rather than those Compact Fluorescent bulbs of shitness that the powers that be have us working beneath in the futuristic times that we live in, and actually have a view to look at. Their dininig room table is also at a nicer height than the table that I work at. If it wasn't for all the noise, why, I'd've found the perfect working environment. Pinged off some stuff to the theatre, spoke to someone about potential workshops, checked my various email accounts repeatedly. This is work. Or, perhaps, this is work?

I will be clearing my blog roll out at some point soon. Quite a few bloggers have fallen of late, no doubt due to that 140 character social media tool that Stephen Fry used to like but now doesn't because someone told him he was boring. Yes, blogging is so, well, last year. I shall keep it up. I like it. And it will last longer than newspapers, you mark my words. I will attempt to use the blog again as a warm-up exercise before the working day begins, a la Herring. Those Tories are big on blogging these days. I might rid the roll of everbody but Tories, although their writing style is a bit, well, S Fry. I jest, of course, because Tories are c**ts and I hate them. But I do have a strange, perverted fascination in their utterances which, generally, are complete lies presented as fact. Politics, eh? At least I popped myself on the electoral register today. The extreme left will get my vote if I can find them.


More Chips (with gravy) on my shoulder said...

Don't clear me out of that blog roll just yet ... just posted again for the first time in seven months. Almost pregnant with anticipation.

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Dave said...

Anonymous, you've left a really shit comment.

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