Saturday, November 07, 2009

Customer service...

Today we decided to live in the fast lane a little and throw caution to the wind by spending money we can, as povery-stricken scribes, barely afford. Yet it's nice to have a little treat now and then, if only to remind yourself that life is not just about bills, bills and more bills (no, it's about bailiffs and CCJs too - Finance Ed.). So we ordered a nice little Indian takeaway. Nothing too extravagant, just a curry each and a couple of chapatis. But just, we thought, enough to take the pain away. Yet despite the simple order, they got it wrong. Not massively. But just enough to spoil the occasion. Once I realised what was missing I phoned them to ask for it to be sent. 45 minutes later it had still not arrived. "How long does it take?" I chuntered. "We're busy," started the reply. What kind of excuse is that? Don't they want to be busy? And are they only busy because they keep f*cking it up? We will purchase our food elsewhere in future, should we ever scrape the funds together again.

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