Friday, November 06, 2009


Popped a stonebaked garlic bread in the oven and, as the 12 minutes at 180° mark approached I opened the oven door for the required 'is it done yet?' sneaky peek. I was quickly faced with fumes that the oven seemingly enjoyed fanning in the direction of my face. I couldn't see a thing and my eyes were streaming under the misapprehension that several CS canisters had been hurled into the kitchen. The smoke alarms in the house then went crazy. It was quite some time before normal vision was resumed and the smoke went the way of the extractor fan. Weirdly, after all that, the garlic bread hadn't burned at all - indeed, it was poifectly cooked. Am assuming the fumes were garlic butter rolling off the bread and onto the oven bottom. Later, I set about attacking the oven with the failed-chef's weapon of choice - Mr Muscle. I know how to have fun.

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