Monday, November 30, 2009

Short shrift...

Got more than a little bit tied up planning for a short film last week, hence the lack of blog posts. Not very good, I know. I feel as if I've let you down. But, if you're going to strut about wearing the name badge that comes with the suffix 'director' you have to do the homework. We shot the film on Saturday, which was no mean feat, and, generally, all appeared to go well. Although when I see the rushes I may amend that sentence. The short is called Suite Dreams and I co-wrote the script with M. I made it with these guys. Should have a running time of around 10 minutes. There's furniture, drama and a knife. What more do you want (ok, ok, I know. Car chases, pyrotechnics and CGI next time around, I promise)? Here's our lovely cast of two atop our little sofa:

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