Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wedding party...

Short rehearsal today in readiness for shooting short film next weekend. Got off to an inauspicious start when I got dropped off in town by M's dad, exited the car and watched it speed off up the road before realising that I'd left my bag with scripts inside the car. Caught up with the bag and, with some time to kill before meeting actors I opted to head to a hotel bar on the Marina - away from a city centre crawling with Hull City fans. Walked in as a bride and groom were having their photos taken, got past them without standing on the bride's dress and found myself in the bar with the rest of the wedding party. Liverpool and Man City were on plasma screen, the second half, I thought, just kicking off. I turned to the man next to me and asked if the first half had been any good. He looked at me with a puzzled and rather scared expression - no doubt wondering which side of the family I was from - and said "ok". It was only much later in the day that I realised I had actually been watching the first half. I left before the speeches. Although I feared the worst after all that, rehearsals went very well.

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