Monday, December 14, 2009

Damp dog day...

Soggy, miserable day over in York. Started raining as we headed up the A1079, then we were diverted down the narrow roads that lead from Wilberfoss to Stamford Bridge due to a big road traffic incident, turning the usual 50 minute trip into a two and a half hour journey, and it hasn't stopped since. Parked, as I usually do, close to Rowntree Park but our plans to cut through the park for a quick kiddie-friendly look at the ducks, geese and swans en route to the city centre were scuppered as the park was flooded. In fact, it looked like one rather huge duck pond.

M headed off to here little shindig at the Theatre Royal, York, leaving Finn and myself to take in the delights of the very wet streets. Not sure which of us was grumpier - we were both making grumbly little noises as we moved through the crowds and battled with the plethora of golf umbrellas - and we were quickly both looking - and no doubt smelling - like damp dogs. It was certainly not the most pleasurable time I've spent in this fine city. The European market looked good, mind, and offered a fine selection of food so, naturally, I headed to McDonald's for a Big Mac and a dry off. As the photo illustrates, I think we might have been a little bit late to take full advantage of the Borders stock clearance sale, although I did find a copy of Yukio Mishima's Forbidden Colours for a knock-down fiver, which meant the day wasn't a complete washout. Ho-hum.

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