Saturday, December 12, 2009

Football crazy...

Was invited along to see Hull City AFC take on Blackburn today and, beforehand, enjoy some pre-game booze in the Kingston Suite. A fun few hours at the KC although the game was pretty terrible. Watched Match of the Day to check whether the game was better than we'd thought but 90 minutes edited down to a still pretty poor three minutes of 'highlights' suggested that I had, indeed, witnessed two sub-standard teams going at each other like fat, hopeless schoolkids. They get paid £30k a week to do that? Blimey. Followed that with the X-Factor semi-finals, the contestants of which were of a similar standard and, just as we knew fron episode one all those months ago, there's not a star amongst them. The mad, rambling woman who had been mentored by Danni Minogue was voted out leaving two young men (Cowell and Cole's charges) with no personalities to battle it out for the honours tomorrow. I saw on the front of a tabloid yesterday that SCowell has asked ITV for £3m more for the next series, as if additional cash will somehow magic up talent, although, of course, that's not really what X-Factor is about.

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