Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Planet 51...

Went to see Planet 51 with son Sam yesterday. Mildly amusing and I liked it and the 1950s-fixation throughout. We were the only two punters in Screen 5 at Reel in Hull which was, for once, not the coldest room in the universe, but it did feel rather strange to have nobody sitting around us, talking incessantly. So, taking advantage of the private screening, we did more talking than usual. Mainly because Sam was holding the nachos (a unique occurrence) and I had to keep bothering him for one. At one point the day's frenzied activity caught up with me and I closed my eyes. "Wake up! I can't believe you're asleep," shouted Sam. I wasn't. Although it reminded me of Star Wars at the Dorchester in 1977 when my old man nodded off during the Death Star battle.

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