Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Aspirational party...

Politics. Blurgh. Politicians even more so. Just mere days into the thrill of a new year and they grind us down with their meaningless. ineffectual ramblings. Gordon Brown, who isn't likely to be PM come the general election, vowed (on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday, as it happens) that Britain will enjoy an "age of aspiration" should Labour be re-elected. What a lovely soundbite. An age of aspiration. Listening to Radio 4's Today programme in between making toast for Finn this morning, I laughed out loud (or LOL'd as the kids'd 'ave it) when the presenter reminded listeners that one definition of aspiration is "the act or process of drawing breath" (OED). Prompted by this, I sought more definitions and found that the medical definition of aspiration is "the process of removing fluids or gases from the body with a suction device". What an age this will be! An age that will signal the death knell for these mainstream political dinosaurs, with any luck. May they all have the hot air removed from within via a suction device.

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