Sunday, January 03, 2010

Generation A...

So, first phase of the operation is complete. I marched, businesslike, to the end of Generation A. Thoroughly enjoyable but, of course, it could never hope to be as zeitgeisty as its predecessor (Generation X), which, as the Telegraph pointed out back in the day, was/is "a landmark book". Indeed, it's a different beast altogether. Enough reviews exist out there in the internetether so I won't add to the interference, aside from mumbling that the whole thing is an interesting - and naturally Couplandesque - take on modernity that stresses the importance of the written word and storytelling. If I could embrace a condition mentioned in the book it would be logo dysphoria - the inability to perceive corporate logos. Marvellous. I'll steer clear of the Solon though - and stick with the books.

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