Monday, January 11, 2010

In the toilet...

Rich Lusmore, who writes two fine blogs - A Game in Four Quarters and Let's Go Round Again - and used to contribute weekly sports reports to a newspaper I reputedly sub-edited, paid me (which I don't think we ever did him) a lovely compliment the other day. He reckons I inspired him. Which does make me question his sanity somewhat but, well, what a lovely thing to say. Rich, having read here of my plans to fill in the blanks in my reading, is re-visiting his entire music collection. Which is what Let's Go Round Again is all about. It's a great idea and I wish I'd thought of it. One to watch, I think - good luck in your kerazey mission Mr L!

In other news, we went in Hull's city centre Tesco today (the store where our neighbour Mary claims that prices are artificially high in comparison to other Tesco outlets, despite never having been in the place and, from what we can gather, doing all of her shopping at Waitrose).

Following the Christmas reshuffle, one aisle is now home to the entire Value line. Which is all well and good and very sensible, I suppose, but makes said range of el cheapo and ultra-affordable products and their white space-laden packaging look even more anemic and unappealing than when surrounded by more expensive brand-name counterparts. At least I know where to go for my favourite 14p can of beans.

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