Thursday, January 28, 2010

Peter Kay funny...

It appears I've been wrong all along. Peter Kay isn't just some bloke that remembers biscuits and hates fancy foreign food like garlic bread. He is Hull's favourite funnyman. How do I know this? What's caused this drastic swerve in my beliefs? Because our local, dominant and, some would say, monopolistic internet service provider Karoo have conducted an extensive survey and Peter Kay - described by Karoo as not just any old funnyman* but a "Northern funny man" has come out on top (just like he did when he performed at the Blackpool Tower!). And for those, like I did initially, that may doubt the validity of this survey of Karoo's 'readers', the numbers polled are impressive - a whopping, massive, almost population of China-style 1,400 visitors to responded to the survey.

Kay, Karoo are proudly boasting, or the "Bolton-born superstar" as they snappily title him, picked up a whopping, massive, House of Commons-style majority with 33 per cent of the vote.

Competition came in the shape of alsorans Billy Connolly (14 per cent), Michael McIntyre (no stats available) and second-placed ultra-sweaty comic Lee Evans (20 per cent). Wise mathematicians - and even those that failed their maths GCSE - may have already worked out that those stats don't add up to the necessary 100 per cent. So I quizzed Karoo further regarding who else polled some votes - Jo Brand, Al Murray, Russell Howard, Jason Manford, Eddie Izzard, Omid Djalili, Steve Coogan and Other were all in the mix. Other, apparently, was a piece of online survey functionality that allowed Karoo's 'readers' to name the comedian, or comedienne, of their choice. Independently. Of their own free will. Could have been anyone. Stewart Lee, perhaps. Tim Vine even. Anyone you'd care to mention. Anyone that's made you laugh until your innards are flying out through your nose. And Peter Kay still came out on top.

So I was wrong all along and I am happy to change my opinion in the face of such overwhelming fact. Well done Peter Kay, Hull's favourite funnyman. Where next for Mr Kay who, Karoo explain, "has continued to entertain the British public with a couple of books and a variety of charitable pop music releases, including the infectious Amarillo"? Rotherham's fave stand-up? Pocklington's preferred author? The most chuckle-inducing satirical commentator of celebrity culture this or that side of Wetwang?

*Personally, whereas Karoo are resisting the change, I compound funnyman.

Read the utter shit survey by Karoo with certain facts missing here

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