Friday, January 01, 2010

Twenty ten...

So, this is it, then. 2010. Or, Twenty Ten, as we seem to be being encouraged to utter. The Tens. The simple, one syllable decade. No doubt one rammed with war and poverty and the ongoing design evolution of Apple gadgets and other pointless shit that doesn't make one iota of difference to the quality of life (and this is me in a positive, optimistic frame of mind!).

2010 is all about the writing. A recent piece on John Mortimer, of Rumpole of the Bailey fame, flagged up this nice quote from the man, which I will have pleasure regurgitating in writing workshops over the coming months:

"I'm not a great believer that people change. People who write Hollywood scripts always think that characters have to learn things and change and develop. I think nobody learns anything. I think they make the same mistakes throught their lives till they drop dead." - John Mortimer

Reading: Douglas Coupland - Generation A

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