Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Churnalism vs journalism...

When I was employed in the heady world of news reporting I was certainly more Jayson Blair than John Pilger (while actually wanting to be Keith Waterhouse). If I were still tied to my desk, as we all were, I would have embraced twitter as a tool that had the potential to get me down the pub before 4.30pm. No surprise for me, then, to read Mercedes Bunz's Digital Content Blog post yesterday regarding the increasing relevance of social media in the day-to-day under-the-kosh efforts of journalists. We also get a nonsense pie chart graphic that an eight-year-old mucking about in Paint/Chris Morris would be extremely proud of:

What I really enjoy about this blog entry is its post-modern insignificance and pointlessness - it is itself an example of the kind of churnalism that results when hacks place too much importance on twitter as a news source. Bunzy's words are sourced from a survey conducted by Cision and The George Washington University but, generally, it's just noisy babble about nuthin'. More please!

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