Monday, February 08, 2010

Stagnation militaris...

"I want to write a long, long and exceedingly obscure novel objectifying the queer conflicts I find within myself and observe in the characters of others. Like Proust I want to escape from the eternal push and rattle of time into the coolness and poise of a work of art. But all this requires peace and calm and time, time, time which I haven’t got oh blazes, hell I haven’t got it."

Iris Murdoch

"Do I write? At the moment I’m writing nothing nor do I feel the urge to write. I’m suffering stagnation militaris. The truth is I haven’t much to write about. I’m very little of an introvert. Only when writing to you or to my brother do I make an effort at introspection. And unless you are an introvert you have not the vision to look into other people’s minds."

Capt. Frank Thompson to Iris Murdoch
From Iris Murdoch - A Writer at War: Letters & Diaries 1939-45

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