Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Buggering chickens in Morrisons...

Encountered some fantastically loud, profanity-riddled shoutiness in a very busy street en route to a meeting at the theatre this morning. Dozens of elderly people were stopped in their tracks and possibly died upright there and then when a young man exiting a shopping centre started shouting at someone he knew across the road. "Hey, you f***ing c*nt what the f*ck are you f***ing doing round here you f***ing c*nt?" Not to be outdone, the someone he knew across the road replied, "F*ck off you c*nt your mum's a slag." It was very entertaining and went on in this vein for quite some time. At no point were they accused of having a poor vocabulary by any passers-by. Which was probably for the best. The final salvo was the most intriguing "I heard you got caught buggering chickens in Morrisons." Which does have a certain ring of truth about it, don't you think? For all I know it's a sport in east Hull. I do hope I bump into these chaps again one day.

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