Friday, March 12, 2010

My therapy...

It is so much easier tweeting 140 characters several times a day than writing a blog entry. But that's no excuse for all the writing-related quotes I've posted of late. No excuse is necessary. They're all helping me. And, after all, this blog is for me, not for you. This is my therapy.

So, I'm in a pub, with several hacks. And, once again, I find myself defending the biggest conversation going on in the world right now; twitter. It amazes me that professional communicators don't get it. "Why do you have to tell us everything you're doing?" Well, for starters, I don't. I do much, much more than I ever tell the virtual world. "I don't want to know when you...(lists lots of things I've tweeted recently)." "Erm, you've been reading my tweets then?" Come on, y'all, join the conversation.

In other news, my mother pronounces the word poet 'poyt'. Which is a very strange thing to hear indeed.

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