Sunday, April 18, 2010

Other things...

With every best intention I do sit down to write huge volumes of material, only thwarted by the simple fact that it's not as easy as all that. I am not a factory operative and there are days when writing words is as pleasurable as banging your head against steel reinforced concrete. I am especially distracted by the sun outside and suggested we go for a walk, meet eldest son, buy some lunch then walk back and sit in the sun eating our lunch. All the while, the laptop is there, teasing me, suggesting that I sit at it for a short time and write two, three, maybe even four lines of dialogue. Then the rugby league appears and, having eaten lunch and talked to son and given up on the sun because it was accompanied by a bit of a chill, I feel the need to ensure that Hull Kingston Rovers are humiliated live on television in the same way that Hull FC had been the previous day. With all of Hull's interest in the Challenge Cup over for another year, you'd think I'd be able to knuckle down. And I did. I did write quite a lot. But it was a battle with Mini Cheddars, NHL and Finn's white chocolate bar all vying for my attention. I did write an exceptional speech for a character called, in homage to M's sister, Holly. But I lost that dramatic gold in a technical hiccup as I switched from a netbook to a laptop while watching the dreadfully drawn out end to A Passionate Woman out of the corner of my eye.

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