Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Vote Pedro...

Not sure what time it was but I got the news about Brown calling a general election at some point in the early hours of the morning via Radio 4. I have convinced myself I cannot sleep unless I am listening to some kind of talk radio and, while I prefer Up All Night on 5Live, that usually means starting with R4, and I have become quite a regular listener to the shipping forecast, awaiting news of Cromarty and Dogger and the winds veering their way like some folk used to anticipate the footie results coming through on a teleprinter. Therein lies (lay?) madness. Although I use it as an aid to sleep, all that listening to people talking on the radio does, really, is constantly wake me up. So, between going to bed and rising this morning, I had heard about Brown calling a general election on what seemed like 30 occasions and, on around five of these occasions, I had been dreaming and the news was coming at me via the multi-limbed, two-headed weirdos populating my dreams. It came as no surprise, then, to hear later that Brown had been to Buck Palace and got the necessary permissions from Da Queen to dissolve Parliament. Two things - wouldn't it be great if Parliament did, literally, dissolve? And, well, I'd have quite enjoyed it if, when Gord turned up at Queenie's palatial abode, she'd just nipped out to Budgens for a few cans of Woodpecker and some Doritos and wouldn't be back 'til May 7th. I am already bored of the general election. Hopefully I will, come the time, be able to muster up the necessary enthusiasm required to vote for someone.

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