Monday, May 10, 2010

Morris dancing...

Down the cinema tonight to watch Four Lions. It's a comedy. I enjoyed it. When we were buying our tickets an eccentric man behind us in the queue took an interest in Sam's bag and the Jimi Hendrix artwork upon it. There was no suggestion that we may have been packing explosives. Instead, he gave sulky teenage son Sam some early Hendrix history, by way of an intense till-side lecture covering the Isley Brothers years. He followed this with some rather unnerving admiration for my large nachos. Thankfully he sat a few rows down from us so he didn't spoil the evening. Sam noticed as the end credits rolled that our new Hendrix expert friend had taken his shoes off to watch the film. Back to Morris, having read a host of reviews on my return, I'd say Tania Ahsan's take is amongst the most sensible reading.

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