Sunday, June 20, 2010

How to be a satirist...

"What we need is a comedy coalition to monitor our so-called "new politics". I'm optimistic. I still believe in the power of British satire to make us laugh while making the world a better place. The new government knows what it must do. Satirists need targets and there are already signs that the coalition recognises that it has a duty to provide them.

"At a time of rising unemployment it must ensure that there are job opportunities galore for novice satirists ... Another golden age beckons: for the sake of our children – and our children's children – let's make it happen!"
David Frost's Q&A on how to be a satirist in The Guardian

Mind you, take Frost's words of advice on writing satire with a pinch of salt - Peter Cook used to describe him as The Bubonic Plagiarist.

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