Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Pink-tinted spectacle...

Lovely splash of colour down what used to be one of Hull's busiest shopping streets for the next ten weeks. Recent redevelopment has re-routed a lot of the footfall down Whitefriargate - one-time flashpoint of the English Civil War - and caused a lot of retail outlets to shut up shop but former graf writer turned legit commercial artist Pinky has worked his magic on some of the empty shopfronts. The man himself calls it his "HUGE public art installation" and "Pinkfriargate". I think each and every one is a work of stunning beauty. Well done Hull City Council and, gulp, Hull Forward, for commissioning this particular piece of Pinkyvision, which aims to celebrate Hull's role at "the heart of the Clipper 09-10 Round The World Yacht Race".

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