Thursday, July 08, 2010

Information enema required...

Not for the first time I've been overwhelmed by books on shelves. It's usually a moment that attacks me in Waterstones when their schlocky, bathos-addled brand of classical muzak is humming away in the background. Indeed, I put it all down to those strings. Anyway, there I was in Hull's Central Library - a mostly tuneless place - when it happened again. Granted, I'd just been interviewed about the play and was trying to get over that trauma thus was in something of a shaky state of mind. But, as I stood there, reading snippets of the collected works of Anthony Neilson and seeing that wealth of information on the shelves around me, a wealth of information that I knew I could never absorb in its entirety, there it was again, sweeping over me. There must be a word for it. I could probably have found that word if I'd hung around the library. Instead, I popped the Neilson book back in its place and shuffled out of there. Does anyone else feel like this? Or is it just me?

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