Friday, August 06, 2010

Jacko's house...

Hopped on stage last night at the Adelphi to do a couple of poems - part of Write To Speak. Much fun. A couple of folk performing had never been in the legendary venue - which has seen performances by such stellar acts as Radiohead, Oasis and Pulp - before. They, like so many others before them, were quickly taken by the 'unique atmosphere' of Jacko's house and the damp aroma. A very special venue indeed. Prior to last night I was probably one of the few people of Hull to not have done some kind of performance on the Adelphi's stage. Pleased to be able to cross that off my long 'stuff to do before I'm dead' list. Naturally, any time you go to the place you wake up the following morning covered in mildew. Currently bagging up fungus to send back to Jacko.

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