Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wobbly wallaby...

In the park round the corner from our house the other day with Finn. We ended up looking at the paltry collection of animals (four goats and a wallaby). The wallaby was a rather fantastic footballer - picking up a leather match ball with his front paws, jumping in the air and striking the ball against the fence. Real Bend It Like Beckham stuff. Finn was recounting the experience today for M's benefit. I was baffled for a while as there was no mention of the wallaby. Instead, Finn talked of the giant rabbit with the ball. We pointed out his error but, armed with his new knowledge, he insisted on calling the wallaby a "wobbly". He did a great little performance, recreating the antics of the footballing macropod, paws and all. Looking at his face, however, he looked like a bit too much like a giant rabbit.

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