Sunday, September 09, 2007

When the dust settles...

Rather quiet in Queens Gardens today. Shame.

I have done a fair amount of watching this weekend - The Paddingtons may not have entered my field of vision as planned but I watched England win, I watched the X-Factor, I watched Hell's Kitchen. My, how I love that last one. Like Brian Dowling, I wished that Jim Davidson would just get the f**k out of the kitchen. But some people - Ziggy from Big Brother is another - just don't know how to quit, do they? They just talk about it, and then, unfortunately, stay. Jim, stood there in his suit reading from his notes and then sitting with a scycophantic Marco Pierre White (surely the last remaining Jim Davidson fan in existence) reminded me of quite a few people I've worked with over the years. I hate it here, I hate everything about it, I will say something I regret. Leave then. Say something you regret, it doesn't really matter. But they never do. I imagine that not only will Jim Davidson attempt to stay once he's been evicted (sometime soon, surely), he will also remain as they're striking the set and he'll still be there come the next series. In fact, he'll be haunting this show in the afterlife, where he'll also still be a racist and a homophobe and still be harping on about how the PC brigade did for him, rather than his tiny, ignorant mind.

Meanwhile, now the dust has settled over the riverside, you can see what a few high explosives can do to an old mill. Quite a nice clean break, quite a hefty pile of rubble, still a fair amount of building to blow up.

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