Saturday, September 01, 2007

Will the East rock?

Hull's a bit like Berlin back in the days of the wall. Plenty of concrete everywhere. Only we have a river instead of a wall, and Police Community Support Officers instead of the Stasi and traffic wardens instead of Checkpoint Charlie. The wall comes down today, without the need for David Hasselhoff to come and sing, and all those cool kids that hang out on Princes Avenue in their smart indie clothes will be making the trek over the river to watch East Park Rocks, headlined by everyone's little chums The Paddingtons. It's in East Park and it involves Hull's choicest bands and it's free. And the sun's shining. Heck, it might even be good! I shall let you know. I'm off to purchase some party snacks to make the day go by without hunger pangs. My only caveat is that the fake, advertising-led "ooh we're so cooool we're down with the kidz just don't tell everyone we're a part of the Hull Daily Mail, it's a secret, we're coooool, we're really coooool, we go clubbing, we're on myspace and bebo and buzznet and dontstayin and everything" Hull Vibe are involved. But, well, an event needs its sponsors, eh?

Talking of the river, I noticed the other day that some of the riverbank appeared to be sliding River Hullwards at the site of a new property development (more 'luxury' apartments) and next to the bridge we call North Bridge. Yesterday, they were making sure that the new building would be on the riverside rather than in the river by shoring the whole thing up.

As one building goes up another comes down, it seems, adding to the blitzkrieg skyline we so enjoy in these parts, and half of this beauty on the right goes the way of the controlled explosion tomorrow.


bazza27 said...

Spotted in ASDA Holderness Road, at lunchtime, with Burstwick Boy in tow. I rang the 3am girls, but they weren't interested.

Music Man said...

The part of the River Hull slipping away includes the old Trinity House Buoy House (a listed building)now used by a diving company. Unless it is repaired soon the city will lose another piece of its history. (Sorry about slipping into rant mode.)
After we all moved to the east for the event in East Park, it is all balanced up by the exodus west back to West Park and the KC stadium for the derby. Complete with pantomime villain. A typical weekend in the 'forgotten city'.