Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hull: always the bridesmaid...

Second worst place to live, then. Although Kirstie and Phil don't appear to have been to Pocklington, which I can recommend if you're looking for places to avoid. Although it's a town, so probably doesn't count. Anyway, prior to the announcement, we got this build-up from Kirstie: "Where in the UK is life so terrible that you're only one away from being in the top spot of Worst Places to live?"
Why, Hull of course! Phil informed us that we'd nabbed the number two position thanks to our "terrible crime stats" and that Hull had been going through a particularly soggy time of late with its "unprecedented flooding" (and precedented flooding is what, exactly?). They did point out the £100m investment in various "facilities" and, bless Kirstie, she added: "Poor old Hull, it's had a bit of a rough year. Perhaps we should give the residents of Hull a wide berth." Typically, Hull residents sent some smart and insightful texts, including Mark Hudson, who informed all other Location, Location, Location viewers that "Hull rocks! Where else can you buy a pint for £1.59?" Then Kirstie started reading another one from Hull, that obviously contained some filth because she had to stop reading and moved swiftly on...
Hull, then. It's no Middlesborough.


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