Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I was in a Hull public house last night. There were three customers in and they were all watching that great destroyer of drinking time conversation - a television. Shameless was on and all eyes were on Frank Gallagher's clan. The ad break came and a woman in the pub took the opportunity to make a call on her mobile and got into a rather complex conversation that involved giving directions to someone. The conversation continued as Shameless returned to the screen and, as the woman was listening to whoever it was on the other end of her mobile, one of those full-on slightly brutal and incredibly noisy Shameless sex scenes began. It was very, very noisy. The woman on the phone was obviously asked what the hell was going on. "I'm in the, no, seriously, I'm in the pub.....that? That's the television...Yes it is...No I'm not...I'm not!"


Anonymous said...

Exactly the reason that I bought myself a TV-B-Gone.

Anonymous said...

left you a comment after your IS ANYONE OUT THERE? post.

What I mean't by "can't be bothered" was more about me than about you. After lousy reviews from the precious London critics for IN THE CLUB I stopped reading all blogs about theatre, and indeed all internet theatre sites. Up until then I might have found something nice to read about myself in cyber world, but after that there was too much risk of finding definitve proof that I am an idiot. I'm weak like that, aren't we all.

IN THE CLUB is now touring, in search of a demographic somewhat different from Hampstead citizens and Oxbridge critics, some of whom have now turned playwright.

I enjoy your blog, and find myself dipping into it around this time of year when I'm up and down to Hull.

see you on 27th or 28th?


Dave W said...

Nice pair of comments RB and ta for dropping by. I knew what you meant. Next? All a bit blurry right now. Something subtle, less Holderness Road. Probably end up being the opposite.

I'll see you at Honeymoon Suite, 28th I should think. Looking forward to it and being in the company of your earthy and wise words once again.

Anonymous said...

If it the same scene I'm thinking of, it was extremely loud. I love Shameless.
Great story!