Wednesday, March 19, 2008


To the Herbgarden for acupuncture with The Doctor. There was another mini-consultation afore I was asked to take things off. Never having been in such a situation before, I immediately went to drop my trousers. "Noooooo! The trousers can stay!" After that, things became much more relaxed, although I was terrified as four needles entered my head. But the pleasant tingling sensation that followed a quick needle twiddle more than compensated for my disproportionate fear. "Just relax," said The Doctor, having inserted further needles into points in my feet, drawing some curtains around me and pressing play on his laptop's Media Player, ushering in some bamboo pipe and qin ensemble. It was all nice and good and I could feel the Qi running rampage through me old body. I also got some free acupressure thrown in. The immediate aftermath of all this left me feeling chilled, glowing and chipper and even parting with the necessary fee felt pleasurable, although that was pretty quickly shattered when I returned to my desk. But, well, the breathing's improved and my ankles have gone all wobbly and pain-free.

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