Tuesday, March 11, 2008

TCM Wednesday...

Swayed by an eye-catching array of funky-lookin' herbs, flowers, seeds, roots and leaf stalks in jars I found myself heading into the Herbgarden Chinese Medical Centre, seeking a remedy for the breathing trouble that's plaguing my life right now. Two minutes later I found myself in a consultation with a nice, extremely jolly chap known only as The Doctor. Ten minutes and a convincing chat about how my breathing, kidneys, heart rate, blood pressure, back and neck could all be improved by the insertion of some very fine, sterilised needles later and I found myself signing up for a course of acupuncture, which starts next Wednesday. I'd only nipped out for a sandwich and a packet of Wrigley's Extra.

In other news...Gethen Jones' admission that he once soiled himself during an interview he conducted on Blue Peter has to be one of the funniest things on the internet right now ("When there's nowhere to go, you have to just wipe it with your pants and put them in a bag" is a classic quote that will surely follow the lad to his excrement-ridden grave) and this, via Rob Miles, is simply superb.

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