Friday, April 18, 2008

Don't beat yourself up...

So, Ian Wright no longer wants to work as a BBC football pundit because they've turned him into a "a comedy jester". Instead, he's hosting Gladiators. Yes, I can see where you're coming from with that one, Ian. Well done. I'm sure you'll be taken much more seriously hanging out with Oblivion, Destroyer and, ahem, Battleaxe.

Apparently, the run-up to the new Sky One return of Gladiators is not going so well and there's been a lot of injuries - broken toes, neck, shoulder and ankle injuries - (and wet lycra costumes revealing breasts) during rehearsals and the testing period. But fear not, because there's some money to be earned by crocked contestants, say The Guardian's 'sources': contestants will receive about £20,000 if they are permanently disabled and their next of kin receive about £50,000 if they die. Woo hoo, what a pay day! The overall winner of the series will also receive 50k. Which almost suggests that they're going to die in some terrible but very exciting climactic travelator catastrophe.

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Stephen Newton said...

Might be worth watching after all.

Does the paraplegic get the same as the guy with the limp?