Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yorkshire? Not me...

It is Yorkshire Day on Friday so, to get the ball rolling in the right direction, The Lord Mayor of Kingston upon Hull and the Admiral of the Humber, Councillor Elaine Garland, officially unfurled the Yorkshire Flag at a ceremony in Queens Gardens today. I was in a room with the Mayor this morning and she left her glasses behind when she headed off for her unfurling duties. So she won't have been able to tell which way up the flag should have gone (apparently, the points of the petals spell Y if you have it the right way. Somebody might want to tell East Riding of Yorkshire Council that one). The flag is being carried to York where it will arrive on Friday so those House of York bods can have fun with it on the city walls. Which is all well and good. But I prefer to think of Hull as being autonomous and not really in Yorkshire. Yorkshire surrounds us. But we are different. Or maybe that's just me being silly.

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northernaccent said...

No, not silly. I don't tend to think of being in Yorkshire-ish either.
We're just 'ull. We just are.
Might be the lack of hills!