Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I apologise in advance to Jeremy Hunt and will resist the temptation to make a rhyming slang joke...

In light of WussellWossgate, Conservative shadow culture secretary Jeremy Hunt has said that it is "wrong for broadcasters to produce programmes that legitimise negative social behaviour". Surely sex is the most positive social behaviour that exists? This man, like many a Tory, is a misguided lunatic with an extremely scant grasp of contemporary culture.

As for Mr Brand, I think his apology is superb - a real two fingered but heartfelt salute to those that are up in arms about something that amounts to relatively nothing and those that are more concerned with the public funding of the BBC than they are about which member of the Satanic Sluts Brand has had sex with and the possible offence that the discussion of said sex down Andrew Sachs' telephone line may or may not cause them (and, let's be straight talking about this, none of them are really concerned about Andrew Sachs, nor Georgina Baillie, only about the outrage that they feel about the silly comments Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand made). What have we become? A nation of Mary Whitehouses? A bunch of people with so little going on in our lives that we have to complain about what insignificant, self-important broadcasters say? As Brand points out, "he didn't want to be seen to be apologising for the reaction to the situation, rather than the situation itself". And what a reaction. Note that the BBC-despising Tory press is having a field day, note that the Daily Telegraph is describing Russell Brand's apology as a "bizarre response", note that 4,000 Daily Mail readers have complained, note that the Daily Express (The Greatest Newspaper in the World!) has stated that Brand and Ross "displayed breathtaking arrogance yesterday as they tried to shrug off the furore over their sick phone stunt." Also note that Georgina Baillie's response to being unwillingly thrust into the limelight was to employ the services of opportunist publicist Max Clifford and flog her story of Brand's betrayal of her and "what happened between us" to The Sun. All so very entertaining! Well worth the licence fee!

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