Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pulling off...

My friend Bob is forever harping on about the merits of Channel 4's Peep Show. A show that I don't get. At all. During our little conversations about TV comedy in a public house up the road I've suggested he watch Pulling if he wants to know what good comedy is (it's all subjective, of course, but after a couple of pints these things often seem very, very important and, generally, I am right). Today, Pulling was cancelled by BBC Three. So Bob wins. Well done Bob. There is no justice in the world. Peep Show was almost cancelled in 2006 and Bob, I assume, will have been delighted that C4 did an about turn. It would be nice if something similar could happen for Pulling and its creators Sharon Horgan and Dennis Kelly. Maybe Silver River could take it to another channel. Here's one of many funny bits:

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More Chips (with gravy) on my shoulder said...

I AGREE! I love Pulling - BBC Three, erm, pulling it, is as much of a disaster as the party that follows this scene!

Peep Show - pah!