Monday, December 01, 2008

Down the pan...

There was something of the Bagpuss about the finest headline to appear in the Hull Daily Mail for a few years: Minns amazed by musical school toilets. If only it were a headline that could be taken literally and that Oklahoma! or some such was being belted out amid the urinals as Minns looked on, agog. But no. Minns, who went by the name of Carl when I was at University with the fella, was far from amazed. The Hull City Council leader was outraged and rendered speechless by the £100,000 bill run-up by Kingswood College of Arts' new lavatorial facilities, which include piped classical music. Minns ain't happy because the school is being bulldozed in four years to make way for a new Academy. But surely a cultured poo is priceless?

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