Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snap, schmap...

I was just about to press delete and send the message the way of all the rest of the spam when the subject matter of the email caught my eye: [Flickr] Schmap: Sheffield Photo Short-list. Ooh, I thought, that's exciting, and read the message from Emma Williams, Managing Editor, of Schmap Guides. "I am writing to let you know that one of your photos has been short-listed for inclusion in the sixth edition of our Schmap Sheffield Guide, to be published early January 2009."

Which is great. Although while I was reading I realised that I have never taken any photographs in Sheffield. The photograph in question is one taken in Hull General Cemetery of a Cholera Memorial. A nice memorial, the cemetery a lovely place to stroll (it closed for burials in 1972, became overgrown and is now being untangled and remodelled as a family-friendly place to spend a Sunday. Yeah. That's right. Amongst the dead.) but it's certainly not a Sheffield attraction. So, sadly, I will not be able to submit the photo for the 'final phase'. Which is just as well, as they don't pay.

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