Monday, March 09, 2009

It's a sick world...

Scene Hull branch of LloydsTSB. It is mid-morning and Killing Time walks in at exactly the wrong time.

WRINKLY OLD WOMAN: Why don't they have more staff on?

TRACKSUITED CRONE: Don't you watch the news? They're in trouble.

WRINKLY OLD WOMAN: I'd heard the Chairman's in trouble.


WRINKLY OLD WOMAN: And did you hear about that foreigner?

TRACKSUITED CRONE : The immigrant one?

WRINKLY OLD WOMAN: The immigrant one, yes. He wants a house.

TRACKSUITED CRONE : He wants two houses.

WRINKLY OLD WOMAN: Two houses, that's the one. Wants two houses for him and his family. And he's an immigrant. And he's on benefits.

TRACKSUITED CRONE: It's a sick world.

WRINKLY OLD WOMAN: It is a sick world.


Bazza said...

It's expressions like 'Tracksuited Crone' that make you the professional that you are.

Dave W said...

Erm...quite. Thanks. I think.

Music Man said...

I bet it was a Hull KR tracksuit.