Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Who polices the police???

Who indeed.* Nobody in their right mind would expect Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary's review of the G20 policing - ordered by Paul Stephenson - to uncover anything resembling the truth. Heck, they've already attempted a cover up. But at least we can look forward to some of those 'bad' police taking early retirement as justice is corrupted and perverted in the manner we're accustomed to. I'm already looking forward to David Peace's novel on these unfurling and underhand events 30 years from now.

What the papers say...

*Bystanders with mobile phones and cameras. Surely a ban on the use of these devices is imminent?

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Stephen Newton said...

The police can already restrict photography in public places if they think it may threaten public order and are looking forward to gaining new powers that ban photography of police that might be useful to terrorists.

A photograph of a police officer beating someone to death is just the sort of thing they could stop.

After all, video of Ian Tomlinson sparked a demonstration at which a woman was batoned by a policeman That disturbance of the peace wouldn't have happened if she's been shielded from those nasty images.