Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh another week...

Here we go again. Spent much of the weekend heading back in time and watching all of The Thick Of It, including the two hour-long specials (Rise of the Nutters and Spinners and Losers) by the broadcast of which, of course, Chris Langham's hard drive had been well turned over and he wasn't around. Great show, magical one-liners, Tucker one of comedy's great lunatics. M said I shouldn't go on, or she won't get round to watching it.

What else? Oh, yes, sport. Listened to Hull FC's season end, unsurprisingly. What a disappointment this season has been and something of a crime against the club's history, not to mention an insult to the fans. But who am I to complain? Watched Tigers online too - those poor things deserved a draw. We also went out to Hull's Museums Quarter to 'Meet The Tudors', although my suspicions are that they were just contemporary folk wearing costume. There was some Tudor food up for grabs - bananas soaked in some sticky, orangey sauce and some smashingly bitey ginger bread amongst it. Not too much was going on, to be honest, which is just as well as not many people had bothered to turn up to see how little was going on (those two negatives not cancelling each other out. Hull is a place where mediocrity has bred apathy).

Spotted some shiny new things in the city as we strode back to the car along the riverside wharf: Some sculptures, attached to a fence at the back of a former warehouse turned-apartment block car park. I like them. There should be more of this stuff:

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