Thursday, August 27, 2009

Positive spin where it doesn't belong...

I don't want to just keep knocking the Hull Daily Mail. I've still got lots of mates there and they do a really good job in the face of enormous pressure and constant cost-cutting efficiencies whilst having to deal with that fallout from some rather absurd managerial strategies. But... rather strange - if factually correct - choice of headline on an education story today:

A 100 per cent improvement sounds rather good, doesn't it? But David Lister, the failing school in question, is starting from a pretty low base. Last year, as the report does point out, just 10 per cent of pupuls left with five A*-C GCSEs. A 100 per cent improvement ain't looking so great now, is it? And, thus, the headline looks rather silly. But not as silly as the school and its inappropriately boasting headteacher. "We are absolutely delighted for the kids - it is fantastic." What?? What about the 80 per cent you've let down? No wonder the school's f**cked when the head is so overjoyed with achievements that don't even come close to mediocre. The headline spin - because that's what it is, if it isn't a sub having a laugh - is somewhat misplaced.

Fully story here.

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