Thursday, September 24, 2009

Boxed lunch...

I've been watching Design For Life, in which Philippe Starck does for design what Suralansugar does for business (ie, assembles a large group of idiots and whittles his way through them to find the ultimate idiot whilst promoting himself, some of his products and is given the opportunity to espouse his philosophy of life, the universe and everything). In episode 1, Philippe was keen to stress that he was "opening a zip on myself". More alarmingly, he went on to invite people to approach this zip and "take out what you want." The programme joins the canon of nonsense that states the bleedin' obvious. In this case, that everything we see around us is the result of design. No shit, Sherlock. Yet I have been influenced by the show enough to think about the packaging design of the lunch I ate today. A Tiger Tiger Cup Noodle, no less. Rather than one load of packaging, Tiger Tiger presented my noodles in two containers - one, a box, the kind of which noodles could be eaten from. To my surprise, within that box was a more traditional noodle pot. Madness. Environmentally friendly it ain't. Nice noodles, mind.

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