Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yellow pages...

Some things you just trust. The Oxford English Dictionary, for one thing - you just expect everything to be right in there. The answers that pop up on a calculator screen, they're nicely reliable. And telephone directories. Strange, then, that a billboard advertisement promoting Yellow Pages contains a schoolboy error. "Hull. Home to a suspenson bridge, 13 structural engineers and the odd bungee-jumping class." I don't know about the last two and, even if those claims are right, I'd now question them. Because Hull is not home to a suspension bridge. The Humber Bridge, an image of which is used in the advert so that must be the suspension bridge being referred to, is located in Hessle. Just up the road. But not Hull. You'd think that facts would be important to a publication that is based on presenting the things. Thanks for the suggeston, Yellow Pages, but I don't think I will get more out of Hull with you.

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