Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Boys, biscuits and blackstuff...

I have just ordered Boys From The Blackstuff. Seen bits of it on youtube but not watched it since it was originally screened. Should be £.6.99 well spent. It is television from the time when television was a succession of major events, although I might be wearing rose-tinted false-memory glasses. Like those that Peter Kay wears when he's talking about dunking biscuits. Do you remember biscuits?

I had a nice cup of coffee in Hull Truck this morning. Still not got round to eating there, although M's had a few bites and spoken highly of the scran on offer. Other people, like Sue here, are also taking full advantage of the theatre's new food offer. I followed the coffee with a walk over to the Fruit Market to take some photographs. It rained. I was already full of cold or some other illness. So I took shelter in the recently reopened Minerva and had a medicinal pint of Carling Cold which, as Peter Kay will remember, used to be called Black Label. Back, that is, when Boys From The Blackstuff was on the box.

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