Saturday, January 23, 2010

Little bumps and scrapes...

Shocking snippet in a story in today's Hull Daily Mail about the 'trouble hit £520,000' problem-plagued Carp fire appliance that Humberside Fire & Rescue Service jointly procured with South Yorkshire Fire Service in 2007. To cut a page three lead short, the thing has never been in service, doesn't work and has had to be sent to Holland for, the report tells us 'functional improvements, as well as some remedial work'. Functional improvements and remedial work that will cost £45,000. The shocking bit is that the HFRS spokesperson said that half of that money would have to have been spent anyway "on sorting out little bumps and scrapes incurred during training runs". £22,500 on little bumps and scrapes?! They're patently going to the wrong Dutch garage. Couldn't they do what the rest of us do and pick up a scratch kit from Halfords?

Full Carp story at Hull Daily Mail

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