Monday, January 25, 2010

Open for old business part II...

I was on the radio today and, having said on air that I'd call in to and have a poke about the new Hull History Centre, I thought I better be true to my word. So I slipped in through the back door. Where I more-or-less immediately bumped into someone from the city council's press office that I know and, more-or-less immediately after that, bumped into someone from the University of Hull's press office that I know. The latter very kindly gave me a very personalised tour of the facilities, including the upstairs climate and temperature-controlled store rooms that are designated 'out-of-bounds' to the public. As part of the launch several important documents had been put on display, including the city charter that I've met and blogged about on a previous occasion, and, something I've not seen at close quarters, one of Philip Larkin's original notebooks, complete with scribbles and annotations and very spidery, slightly insane handwriting. Smashing and not quite the low-key walk through towards the general direction of my car that I actually had in mind. Seems like a place that will be very 'people friendly' although, as is quite unfathomably the case with all library-type facilities, several of the most peculiar types were already in residence at the microfish. Also amongst the peculiar in attendance were Hull City Council's cabinet members who, also unfathomably, appeared to be holding a meeting on the premises.

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