Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Filling in the gaps in my cultural knowledge will also be going beyond reading all the books I've proudly but rather stupidly ignored for years. I'm also on a DVD trip. Filling in the void left by the most excellent (but, I feel, despite its brilliance and stellar cast, still ever-so-slightly over-hyped) The Wire is The Sopranos - which I took a wide swerve around back when everyone told me I should be watching it. I don't like following the hype but, when all the fuss has died down, my inquisitive nature gets the better of me. So here I am. And I have soooo much Sopranos to wallow in - only seen the pilot episode so far. And, look, it's that bloke from In The Loop!

Back on the book front, I made the mistake of dipping into The Right Stuff a couple of days ago and have got caught up in the USA's manned space project to the detriment of the Aldous Huxley at the side of the bed. Poor Aldous. I don't actually like that I like Tom Wolfe - when I look at him and his 'trademark' white suit I don't like what I see and he looks exactly like the kind of fella that would benefit from a punch in the face - but his 'new' journalism always hits the spot. Unlike his novel A Man In Full, which I had to abandon halfway through (although I did gobble up Bonfire of the Vanities a few years previously) and still sits on the shelf, teasing and taunting me.

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