Sunday, May 16, 2010

Breaking the silence...

Been at the coal face of writing again so have mostly been saving my words for that. Do forgive my absence. Yesterday, between shifts, we went to the tail end of the Hull Carnival. I can only hope that the front end was absolutely ruddy marvellous because what we saw was a poor excuse for 'carnival'. More a big load of public sector and armed forces PR, the point of which was, well, PR, but there seemed to be no point nor reason , at all, to this event. Always keen to participate and support such stupid ideas, we visited it all, grabbed a few freebies (including a tin of mints from a small mound that seemed unduly neglected until, having asked a woman from NHS Hull if I could have them, I realised they had Erectile Dysfunction emblazoned upon the the tin. I have since taken pride and great delight in sharing them around) and mumbled at how pathetic it all was. The Lord alone knows what any visitors from beyond the city boundary made of it all although I would imagine they went back to their proper cities feeling very sorry for the poor unfortunates of Hull.

Having taken a shine to a coaster, pencil and ruler set made from recyclable material, I was forced to take a test - along with lots of ten year olds - that saw me sorting a bag of rubbish into the different coloured bins that we enjoy in Hull. I passed with flying colours but, dizzy from such glittering entertainment, forgot to pick up the pencil to complete the set that my efforts deserved. Note, in the pic above, the woman who appears to be snogging a green balloon. The only high point of the trip was a vintage car rally outside the Streetlife museum.

Other than that was glad to get home. Wonder how much cash Visit Hull & East Yorkshire will claim was spent by tourists during all this pap?

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