Monday, July 19, 2010

Rotting away...

Think I scared the life out of M yesterday when I took a detour and ploughed down the back streets of Hessle Road. We wound down the roads surrounding the ruins of Hull FC's old home the Boulevard. This area, which I spent a lot of time in and around as a young rugby league and speedway fan, is in serious decay. M had never seen any of these streets before. I doubt she'll want to go back in a hurry. Now, I'm sure some of the people that live in the houses of Cadogan Street, Camden Street, Gordon Street, Airlie Street and the rest are lovely. But, driving slowly down this once proud area, it looks and feels like a ghetto. This is the 21st century - how and why do we allow entire neighbourhoods to rot and disintegrate?

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With this road trip in mind we were both a bit shocked this morning when we checked the Hull Dreary Mail's website and were confronted with this - a story about the redevelopment of the site where the Boulevard just about still stands. The comments are insightful.

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